Who do you say I am? (jesse_dylan) wrote,
Who do you say I am?

a pet peeve

While I'm thinking about it, here is a pet-peeve (aside from the phrase "pet-peeve" being one of my pet peeves (I don't know what I was hyphenating that for)):

When people begin the answer to a question with "So..."

Is "So..." the new "Well..."?

Here's an example.

Q "Is there a cost of admission for students?"

A "So, students have to pay $6, but it covers supper, too."

What? Where did that come from? Don't start the answer to a question with "SO." I know, you've heard other people do it, and you've started doing it out of pressure. Don't. Stop it before it's too late. I blame young people in California for this.

It is different to use "So" in the form of a non-sequitur, for instance walking into a room and saying, "So I just peed on myself!" That's funny. That adds value.

But if someone asks you where you peed, don't answer by saying, "So I just peed on myself!" Leave off the "so," because it is useless. ...Although that's actually quite a bit better than the example I gave above...

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